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About Alis Volat Consulting

Alis Volat Consulting (AVC) provides a wide range of legislative, organizational, and individual business services in a flexible manner.
It is often not practical or possible for an entity to rely on existing in-house talents or create a new position to handle certain needs. This is especially the case with remote offices becoming increasingly popular. When relying on in-house services would create internal process problems, break the bank, or would simply not be feasible, AVC offers
easy and practical solutions via its broad menu of professional services and flexible fee structures. Additionally, we love working with individual clients one-on-one.
AVC's 7 Guiding Principles
AVC operates according to seven guiding principles: 
1)  Integrity – AVC strives to operate with the utmost integrity. Integrity is the most important quality when professional services are the product. Integrity is the currency that creates change. 
2)  Excellence – It should be a given that a company strives for excellence, but all too often this is not the case. AVC provides premier deliverables created by proven professionals to a selective clientele of socially responsible changemakers. 
3)  Professionalism – Alis Volat operates with a fun, upbeat, sometimes edgy-where-appropriate tone, but professionalism remains key. AVC builds upon a well-established, well-respected professional reputation.
4)  Authenticity – Clients of AVC enjoy a personalized experience that is grounded and honest, even when honesty may be uncomfortable or unpopular. This is part of AVC's commitment to authenticity and part of what sets it apart from other consulting firms. While AVC is profit-focused, other values take priority.
5)  Transparency – AVC clients are informed and treated fairly with respect to what can and cannot be accomplished via available services. AVC tells potential clients when a matter may be better handled elsewhere, even if by a competitor. Additionally, fee structures are clearly communicated and agreed upon in advance.
6)  Community – AVC strives to be a community partner. “Community” at AVC extends ever-outward in concentric circles, like the splash of a pebble in a pond. From office atmosphere to our relationships across the globe, AVC is dedicated to creating healthy communities that are inclusive to all.
7)  Empathy (defined as the ability to resonate with another) – AVC operates with empathy by taking the time to truly understand client needs, challenges, risks, fears, goals, and dreams. Empathy allows AVC to provide better service. Empathy does not require endorsement. 
Why "Alis Volat"?

Alis volat propriis (She flies with her own wings) is the State of Oregon's motto. Translated more broadly, the Latin phrase means "S/he flies with her/his own wings." As explained here, the phrase holds special meaning at AVC. It provides daily inspiration to us, and we hope to our clients too.

We believe you can fly, and we're here to help you build your wings.
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